I’m glad you’ve chosen to join me in this new adventure in Blogging. There have always been several specific focuses for me  as I study and meditate on the Lord and his goodness to us! This blog is to share a few of those with you. I also want to hear back from you, because together we can always get a bigger picture of Jesus, His majesty, and His love for us.

One of my focuses is Redemptive Gifts of individuals: studying how we perceive the world around us and how God uses this perception to bring us into a closer fellowship with him, and also to bring us into the destiny he designed for us. I have recently published a new book describing these Romans 12 grace gifts. Your Destiny, His Glory! The how and why of your design. Please go to my website msrepairersofthebreach.com to purchase it.

Another is to understand from His word how much our great King loves his land and how he views it. I also want to look at how we are commanded to be stewards of his land through actions and prayer.

And then,  I love to search for the fingerprints of our magnificent Creator in our everyday lives!  In my devotion section, I hope to simply share some of his goodness and love that is found all around us. He’s there if we just look!

I have been married to Billy Joe Young for 44 years. We have three daughters, one son, three sons-in-love and 11 Amazing grandchildren. After pastoring churches for almost 25 years, in 2002   we co-founded Repairers of the Breach Ministries,  in Corinth, Mississippi.We are called to train, equip  and mobilize believers in Mississippi for state-wide Reformation and Transformation. You can find out more on our website: msrepairersofthebreach.com.

I teach workshops based on the book Your Destiny, His Glory! (formerly ‘Created with Purpose”) about discovering your personal Redemptive Gift, and also ‘Praying strategically for your City.” Again there is more information to be found on my website msrepairersofthebreach.com.


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