Happy Valentine Day!

Photo by Unsplash-Laura Ockel

I have recently read several blogs about Valentine Day, the day to remember those you love with a special card, candy or flowers. Interesting perceptions on this Holiday of love. 

And Walmart? On my goodness! No end to choices of cards, cookies, balloons. You name it, it was there. All for a price. 

But this Valentine, why not give something different. Something that will take a little time, yes. But the pay off will be exceptional, I promise. 

This year, give a memory. Pick out a card, a nice piece of paper, or even a post-a note, and write a memory to that special person. And even better, sent a little note to someone that is not expecting to hear from you. Give a memory.  

The purpose of Valentine is to evoke emotions of love, joy and affection. Memories do that. Memories are alive. Memories re-connect to moments. Memories are always followed by emotions, good or not so good.

I remember the day in College I was headed to the grill to hang out with some fellow nursing students. Then HE strolled out the door as I was walking in and my heart did that little flip. We had had one date and were in that place where you sort of “dance around” the emotions. 

“Will He call again?”

“Did He like me?”

“Did He think I was cute?”

“I really, really, really hope He calls again.”

He stopped. Our eyes connected. And then my heart really did a two and a half flip. Those eyes. They held my heart.

We chatted a minute and the moment was over. It was over in time, but it has never been over in my heart. You see, I can go there and still feel the flip-flop of my heart, even after being married to HIM for almost 50 years. 

So this year, Give a unique Valentine that only the two of you share. Everyone shares love. Everyone shares joy. But only the two of you share a moment in time.

A memory. 

Give a memory and the emotions you desire will follow!  I promise.

Photo from Unsplash-Allef Vinicius

HAPPY VALENTINE, HONEY! I still remember