Journey of Wisdom from a Friend

Recently my friend, Charlotte, had a birthday. Suffice it to say, she is older than me! (Not by much, but enough to say she IS older!) I asked her what she had learned in all of her years. What words of wisdom has she gleaned from her journey.

Hope you enjoy!

I am thankful I am able to say that by the grace of God I’ve learned some things in these 67 years, and that I have gleaned some wisdom to not only live by but to pass on to the next generation.  Here are a few of my favs:

 1. Without God in every aspect of our lives we are wasting time and eternity–vanity, vanity! This I know after all these years–I can do nothing apart from Him! (Phil. 4:13)
2. I have learned that relationships are our greatest commodity.  Relationships that come easy are “icing on the cake” and the wonderful blessings of this life! But don’t discount relationships that are difficult!  They can be an even greater commodity because they force us to draw near to God where we end up experiencing amazing personal transformation.  Ultimately those “difficult relationships” can become “added icing on the cake!”
3. Forgive quickly–it is far less costly and damaging to you and to others!  Let God take care of your offenders!
4. I believe the Lord has shown me that the two “L’s” are a requirement for those who will not only survive, but will also overcome: LISTENING & LAUGHTER!  Do you know how long it’s taken me to learn some listening skills?  Sad to say, far too long!  I’ve learned to listen more and talk less–it’s amazing what others know that I don’t. 🙂 That’s tough for an only child who had center stage and was the main actress in all the scenes of the play.  Number one, learn to listen to God; number two, learn to listen to others.  Then laughter: God’s shown me what a gift it is.  It’s medicinal (Prov. 17:22), but it’s also God-given protection against the difficulties of this life.  A friend of ours, who grew up in a very dysfunctional home, said that the humor that he and his brother chose to focus on and exhibit saved them both from much trauma.  His sister, who could not laugh, is still suffering today.  I’ve learned to hear God laugh at his enemies (Ps. 2:4), and I’m trying to do the same!
5. Some of the greatest treasures on earth are undiscovered and wasted.  They are hidden in people who have never allowed God to heal them and dig deep into their hearts and lives for what’s been buried there through the trials of life. I have learned and continue to learn to let Him uncover and reveal those treasures even though it’s not always comfortable.  When the “mining” is done, the treasure we never knew was there is revealed. The diamond in us (who God intended us to be) can finally sparkle and display His glory and draw others to Him.
Thanks, Charlotte!