Communion as a Nation

Communion as a Nation

This is an invitation to all of those who follow my blog. We are at a critical time in our Nation. I am sending this out with my friends, Briskilla Zaranini of VisualEast and Betty Love of Miracle City Global. Please go to their sites to see the fullness of this grassroots movement to bring unity to our nation!

From Briskilla:

Within the “kingdom of the United States” there is another Kingdom filled with incredible people; who all are part of an incredible family, whose Father is God. The lens of His Kingdom is available to peer through and see fulfillment’s nearness of “The kingdoms of this world, will become the Kingdoms of our Lord and Christ and He will reign forever.”

America’s victory will not be won through low levels of mockery, bickering one with another, bruising with our words through social media nor dinners.Neither is He asking us to respond in false humility, false love, and sappy political acceptance. America’s victory will be won as we yield to the One who designed and birthed the nation. America’s victory will be won as we yield to God, and the power of the life blood of Jesus Christ. America’s victory will be won as we become who God identified us to be. America’s victory will be won and advanced as we come into the rhythm of His movements.

Within this new era we are in, God is making very clear that we are to live from a place of victory. He is instructing us to perceive through the eyes of the High Priest and King of the Kingdom of God. Engaging and being swayed by the political spirit and muddied waters is not the path of God’s dread champions. Instead, when we see through His lenses, we can walk on the path prepared. His ways empower us to move in a victorious knowing. We are not waiting, His Kingdom is here.

Let’s Break Bread together, making room for our Dread Champion-the King of His Father’s Kingdom. Let’s Break Bread together, bringing our thanksgiving to Jesus Christ for His eternal gift. Let’s invite Him to breathe upon us again, and come into His tabernacle. Let’s invite Him to come and find a people desiring to sit and listen to His conversation. Let’s respond to His invitation to become one, as He and the Father are One. Let’s Break Bread together and allow Him to consume us with the life found within His blood.

From Ruthie:

State by state we are becoming divided. But Righteousness Exalts a Nation!

We are in the midst of 70 days of crying out for righteousness in our nation, 70 days for believers to awaken to His call! It is time for th next step: UNITY. We will never agree theologically, politically on many issues. HOWEVER, we can all humbly come to His table at the foot of the cross and break bread together as believers in the power of the Blood of Jesus. It is at that place we come into unity with Him.

Join us April 12-19 for daily communion where ever you are, to bring unity to a torn nation. Then As we trust the Blood of our Champion, Jesus Christ, to bring down the stronghold of division in our land and we will walk in His power of unity.

Please click here for the video invitation.