Shiloh Eagles!

Shiloh Eagles picture by Jay Poindexter.

I’ve had the wonderful pleasure and excitement of watching eagles at the nearby Shiloh Nat’l Park as they have nested, hatched one eaglet, and now as they bring fish from the Tennessee river to feed this little one. I’ve watched as this little one is shedding downy feathers and stretching his wings in preparation of flight.

Yesterday, as I stood watching the female, Julia, sitting on the limb next to the nest preening, I was suddenly aware of the swoop of huge wings just above my head. I felt more than heard this mighty sound! As I looked up Hiram, the male, swooped down then up to the nest! I was so aware of the immensity of his wingspan and the massive power exhibited in each downward stroke. Such an awe-inspiring, magnificent and wonderful experience.  I was again reminded that the Lord says, “I will carry you on eagles wings!” and “You will mount up on wings like eagles!”

Father, as I look at your glorious creation, let me never forget Your love for us, your sons and daughters! You watch over us, make provision for us, and when we just ‘cannot make it any further’ in our walk in this world, You, The mighty eagle, swoop down with your spectacular, majestic wings and you lift us up, you carry us onward to our next place!! Thank you, Father for this reminder of who you really are!