The Covenant Keeper

David wrote in Psalm 25:14, “The secret of the LORD is for those who fear Him; He will make them know His Covenant.”

Years ago as a young Christian, I was asked to lead worship at a ladies’ retreat. The teacher spoke about the details of God’s covenant with Abraham and my heart was forever captured by the idea of covenant. I began a quest for more knowledge and understanding of His covenant with me. Studying the covenants in the Old Testament, I realized the different accounts from Adam to Moses to David were all expansions of only one true covenant. The intensity and language grew with each sequential story of covenant, enlarging the beauty, perception, character, and responsibility of Jehovah, the covenant-keeping God.

And now I have just released my new book: The Covenant Keeper. Here is a short portion of the prologue.

The Foundation Stone of Blood Covenant

 The Book of First Peter states that Jesus was crucified before the foundation of the earth. What would that look like? How did this come to be? We do not have that information. I am a visionary learner. If I can see it I have a better grasp of the information given. As I pondered the statement, “Before the foundation of the earth.” I began to visualize a possible scenario and conversation between the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

The following drama is how I imagined it could have been. Please go with me into eternity before time was created. A place when the three in one, Elohim, existed alone, without another like Himself. There were angels there because Ezekiel tells us that Lucifer had fallen long before the earth was created and had taken with Him one third of the angelic realm. Job declared that the Morning Stars, possibly angelic beings, sang when He pulled the land up from the deep waters, yet the galaxies were not created until the fourth day. As an integral part of His being, light and worship were present. And yet, a heart deeper than any ocean and wider than any sky yearned for an Other like Himself. His desire was for a bride.

Before the Beginning

“In the vast nothingness, chaos reigned as Elohim hovered over the dark waters of disarray and confusion. The only sound heard or felt was the deep cry of a lonely heart yearning for His Other. This Other would complete His joy, receive His kindness, and echo back His love. Pure love must be given away freely or it is not love at all. And love without an object to receive it is really quite meaningless. Pure love is what made this mysterious community of Father, Son, and Spirit truly one God—Elohim.

In the profound intensity of this yearning, Elohim conceived a plan. He would make an Other in His own likeness. Lovely and creative, she would know life in the fullest sense. She would be like Him — spirit, soul, and body, male and female. She would dream, she would know joy, and yes, she would know sorrow.

As He visualized His plan unfolding, He recognized His old adversary Lucifer would be standing by yet again ready to steal, kill, and destroy any object of His love.

Oh, but she would love Him back, wouldn’t she? Surely she would always choose Him. But love without choice is not love either. Love must be freely given and freely received or it becomes bondage, and bondage can never be described as love. She must be free to choose.

As He pondered this vision, end and beginning, with a broken heart He knew what her choice would be. He knew the beguiling lies of the Father of Lies would be too strong for her and would draw her away, bringing her into bondage and stealing her destiny, the destiny of becoming His bride, His Other……”

And so begins to story of the need for blood covenant, the cost of blood covenant and the redemption through blood covenant.

The Covenant Keeper is about Jesus. A theme throughout the Bible from Genesis to Revelation,the law of Redemption requires the Redeemer to sanctify, deliver, redeem, and restore us into full inheritance as his bride through blood covenant. The four cups of Passover and the following sacrifice of the cross echo this law; the resurrection and the Wedding Feast of the Lamb in Revelation complete the total fulfillment of this same law. All one covenant. All fulfilled in one man. Jesus Christ, The Covenant Keeper.

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