Praying for Land

God Loves His Land!

The earth is the Lord’s, and all its fullness; the world and those who dwell therein.  Psalm 24:1

Several scriptures in the Bible show us God’s extraordinary love for His land.  Among these we find Joel 2:18 (which refers to God being jealous for His land), 2 Chron. 7:14 (which refers to

God wanting to heal His land), and Psalm 24:1 (which declares that the earth belongs to the Lord).  Further study reveals an extraordinary relationship between God and His land which includes people, cities, and nations, all those who occupy His land.

Genesis refers to God scattering people, while Deut. 32 and Ps. 78 refer to His establishing boundaries and borders for His people and settling them accordingly.  Job 12 reminds us that God enlarges or disperses nations. Acts 17 teaches us that He has determined the times and exact places where people live.  Ps. 16 refers to God making our “lot” secure and the securing of our “boundary lines”—His measured portion of authority in our lives wherever we live.  God’s sovereignty over His land and His people means that He can enlarge a nation and increase its joy (extend its borders) as Isaiah states, but that if His people sin, our territory, our influence, our stewardship is reduced (Ez. 16).  As Luke 1:51 indicates, if His people are full of pride, He scatters them thus reducing their influence, such as we see at the beginning of Gen. 11. So what does all this mean?  Simply put, it means that God is intimately involved with all that happens upon His land.  In the parables of Jesus, we are given deep insight into the Kingdom of

God and how God would choose to see us at work in relationship with Him and with each other.  Approximately a third of Christ’s teaching in the Gospels was given in the form of parables.

Interestingly, more than half of those parables center around the theme of “fallen stewardship,” and His concern for redeeming all that has been lost, hidden, or stolen through the misuse of the blessing entrusted to His people.

We learn from Scripture that a steward is given responsibility over the property of another.  In our case, we have been given stewardship of God’s property!  This stewardship may be lost,

hidden, or stolen from God’s original purpose by decisions made concerning the sphere of influence God has entrusted to us.  These enacted decisions, even from those given stewardship in previous generations, can cause our land to be defiled, or subject to a cycle of desolation.

In this portion of the blog, I plan to discuss specific times of prayer to cleanse land, how our everyday lives affect the land, and what we can do to see our land healed.

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