He hides us in His succah…

This is the Feast of Tabernacles! This blog was written by my friend, Norma, who lives in Jerusalem. Beautiful way to celebrate. Hope you enjoy and continue to stay under His Tabernacle, His Wings, His refuge. Stop by Norma’s Blog, “From This Mountain”. As an amazing, wise Jewish Believer in Yeshua/Jesus, she has much to share from her mountain apartment that over looks the old City of Jerusalem.

From This Mountain

Succot or The Feast of Tabernacles begins at sundown tonight. Our succah is built and decorated. But for the first time in the history of Israel, we are not allowed to have guests in them. Israel is under a severe lockdown because of the extremely high incidence of Covid 19.

So I am reminding myself of a few things. And these are more important than our earthly rules and restrictions! I stand on them:

And the Word became flesh and dwelt among us, and we beheld His glory, the glory as of the only begotten of the Father, full of grace and truth. (John 1:14)

‘And you shall take for yourselves on the first day the fruit of beautiful trees, branches of palm trees, the boughs of leafy trees, and willows of the brook; and you shall rejoice before the LORDyour God for seven days. (Lev. 23:40)

“Sing andrejoice,Odaughter ofZion!…

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Happy Valentine Day!

Photo by Unsplash-Laura Ockel

I have recently read several blogs about Valentine Day, the day to remember those you love with a special card, candy or flowers. Interesting perceptions on this Holiday of love. 

And Walmart? On my goodness! No end to choices of cards, cookies, balloons. You name it, it was there. All for a price. 

But this Valentine, why not give something different. Something that will take a little time, yes. But the pay off will be exceptional, I promise. 

This year, give a memory. Pick out a card, a nice piece of paper, or even a post-a note, and write a memory to that special person. And even better, sent a little note to someone that is not expecting to hear from you. Give a memory.  

The purpose of Valentine is to evoke emotions of love, joy and affection. Memories do that. Memories are alive. Memories re-connect to moments. Memories are always followed by emotions, good or not so good.

I remember the day in College I was headed to the grill to hang out with some fellow nursing students. Then HE strolled out the door as I was walking in and my heart did that little flip. We had had one date and were in that place where you sort of “dance around” the emotions. 

“Will He call again?”

“Did He like me?”

“Did He think I was cute?”

“I really, really, really hope He calls again.”

He stopped. Our eyes connected. And then my heart really did a two and a half flip. Those eyes. They held my heart.

We chatted a minute and the moment was over. It was over in time, but it has never been over in my heart. You see, I can go there and still feel the flip-flop of my heart, even after being married to HIM for almost 50 years. 

So this year, Give a unique Valentine that only the two of you share. Everyone shares love. Everyone shares joy. But only the two of you share a moment in time.

A memory. 

Give a memory and the emotions you desire will follow!  I promise.

Photo from Unsplash-Allef Vinicius

HAPPY VALENTINE, HONEY! I still remember

Success or Significance?

Photo by Paula May/Unsplash

Success depends on your standards. What is success to some, might not mean a hill of beans to another. However, Significance is another matter. Significant means to be noteworthy, remarkable, consequential, uncommon, rare.

Today, My mother would have been 100 years old. She might not have been successful to the world’s eyes, but she was very significant in many ways. she was a world changer. She never traveled far from home, never went outside of the United States. She was fun, serious, a marvelous singer, a terrific mother. But above all else, she loved the Lord with all her heart and had a zeal for His Good News to reach the world.

I’d like to share with you her story of how my mom influenced nations.

She was born in a large city to a lower-income family who struggled to make ends meet. After turning down a voice scholarship to The Juilliard School of the Arts in New York, she eloped at age 16 with my father, Floyd Carroll, and moved to central Mississippi. A year after their marriage Floyd was in a body cast for almost a year following a terrible motorcycle accident. The young couple moved in with his parents who really were not pleased with the marriage, and certainly let Doris know this. It was quite a difficult time in Doris’s life. However, even in these uncomfortable circumstances God was moving and had a plan for her. She spent much of this time with her husband’s grandfather, Bro. McCaleb, who had been a circuit-riding Presbyterian minister. Brother Mac could no longer drive to speak at various churches on Sunday, so Doris drove him. The two of them discussed the Bible and on the drive home from the churches, Doris could ask him questions and delve deeper into his messages. In fact, you might say, my mom was Brother Mac’s best disciple. This Godly man so enriched her life with the love of Jesus that she would never be the same. He instilled in her a burning desire to study the Bible and a zeal to reach others for Jesus. During this time, God planted nations in her heart. 

After his recovery, Doris and Floyd moved to their own home and eventually had four daughters. Doris was very active in her local Baptist church and became the music and choir director, but her heart was always drawn to missions. Anytime there were visiting missionaries, Doris invited them to dinner. As these missionaries told stories of their activities, Doris’ heart burned to go. But her circumstances denied her that privilege. After all, she was the mother of four young girls and had a family to raise. But as she talked and dreamed about missions, she imparted that love and zeal to her children. To Doris, the highest call of the Lord was to be a missionary in a foreign land.

Doris never went to a foreign land, she never went on a mission trip, and as far as I know, she never left the United States. 

BUT GOD! He brought missions to her doorstep. A young man from her home town met and married a Japanese girl and brought her home to Mississippi. After discovering she did not know Jesus, Doris did not rest until she had secured her a Bible in Japanese. She continued to love her, witness to her and eventually won this young Japanese wife to the Lord. 

But that was not the end of Doris’s influence. Her love of missions was passed on to the next generation and the next generation and the next generation. 

Back in 2015, as my sisters and I talked about our mom, we began to count the nations to which we, our children and our grandchildren have carried the gospel.  At that time we counted over ninety nations to which Doris’s generations have carried the Good News of Jesus Christ. Now Doris’s great grand-daughter, husband and two sons serve as full-time missionaries in an Asian country. My Mom’s legacy continues. Since that day, we have added more nations and the count is continuing to grow.

Doris’s circumstances dictated that she stay at home and so she did. But from that tiny little hamlet in central Mississippi, this very significant woman reached the world.

Success? Maybe. Significant? You’d better believe it!

Doris Rae Williams Carroll left a legacy that only eternity will tell. 

Thank you Lord, for my mom! May I, too, release a legacy to my children, the legacy of the Good News of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the nations. One heart at a time.

My Son-in-Love, Rich, in Kenya

Moving day!!

Moving to a new site
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Dear Everyone,

I have exciting news! Ruthie’s Impressions has MOVED!

Thank you all for being a part of my blog and I hope you will continue to follow me on my new website: www.ruthieyoung.com.

There you will find all of my books, my personal information, all that I enjoy doing, speaking, workshops and more. BUT MAINLY MY BLOG! Please join me there as we continue this journey together, seeing God in our everyday life. Just click www.ruthieyoung.com to follow me there.

You are a blessing in my life and looking forward to seeing you at the new home: www.ruthieyoung.com.


Communion as a Nation

Communion as a Nation

This is an invitation to all of those who follow my blog. We are at a critical time in our Nation. I am sending this out with my friends, Briskilla Zaranini of VisualEast and Betty Love of Miracle City Global. Please go to their sites to see the fullness of this grassroots movement to bring unity to our nation!

From Briskilla:

Within the “kingdom of the United States” there is another Kingdom filled with incredible people; who all are part of an incredible family, whose Father is God. The lens of His Kingdom is available to peer through and see fulfillment’s nearness of “The kingdoms of this world, will become the Kingdoms of our Lord and Christ and He will reign forever.”

America’s victory will not be won through low levels of mockery, bickering one with another, bruising with our words through social media nor dinners.Neither is He asking us to respond in false humility, false love, and sappy political acceptance. America’s victory will be won as we yield to the One who designed and birthed the nation. America’s victory will be won as we yield to God, and the power of the life blood of Jesus Christ. America’s victory will be won as we become who God identified us to be. America’s victory will be won and advanced as we come into the rhythm of His movements.

Within this new era we are in, God is making very clear that we are to live from a place of victory. He is instructing us to perceive through the eyes of the High Priest and King of the Kingdom of God. Engaging and being swayed by the political spirit and muddied waters is not the path of God’s dread champions. Instead, when we see through His lenses, we can walk on the path prepared. His ways empower us to move in a victorious knowing. We are not waiting, His Kingdom is here.

Let’s Break Bread together, making room for our Dread Champion-the King of His Father’s Kingdom. Let’s Break Bread together, bringing our thanksgiving to Jesus Christ for His eternal gift. Let’s invite Him to breathe upon us again, and come into His tabernacle. Let’s invite Him to come and find a people desiring to sit and listen to His conversation. Let’s respond to His invitation to become one, as He and the Father are One. Let’s Break Bread together and allow Him to consume us with the life found within His blood.

From Ruthie:

State by state we are becoming divided. But Righteousness Exalts a Nation!

We are in the midst of 70 days of crying out for righteousness in our nation, 70 days for believers to awaken to His call! It is time for th next step: UNITY. We will never agree theologically, politically on many issues. HOWEVER, we can all humbly come to His table at the foot of the cross and break bread together as believers in the power of the Blood of Jesus. It is at that place we come into unity with Him.

Join us April 12-19 for daily communion where ever you are, to bring unity to a torn nation. Then As we trust the Blood of our Champion, Jesus Christ, to bring down the stronghold of division in our land and we will walk in His power of unity.

Please click here for the video invitation.

The Cry of the Innocents

Poster from James Nesbit Art

I have always tried to post non-controversial, good, encouraging posts on my blog. But this quote from Edmund Burke in a letter to William Smith in 1795 has gripped my heart today. “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”

I never thought I would see the day in my nation when a governor of a state would publically endorse the murder of a newborn baby. It is as though the evil of abortion has come to a new level. Therefore it is time for the Body of Christ to arise and speak out against the evil of abortion on a new, higher and louder level. Empowered by the Holy Spirit, we must take a new stand for righteousness and justice for those who cannot speak for themselves. With new zeal, I am repenting for not speaking louder and therefore I am writing this blog and also sending it to all of the public officials who represent me as a citizen of Mississippi and the United States of America.

My Bible reading this morning was from Matt. 24 and Exodus 20. I suddenly realized how interconnedted the two are.

Matthew 24: “Kingdom shall rise against Kingdom.”

Exodus 20: “The 10 commandments.”

The demonic kingdom of the ancient god of Molech is rising and demands the sacrifice of children (Leviticus 18:21; Leviticus 20:2-4). But the Kingdom of Heaven says “Thou shall not murder.” And the Kingdom of Heaven also releases Mercy and forgiveness.

I believe that abortion is murder, but there is also a deeper spiritual dimension to be considered: The worship of Molech demands innocent blood. When you see a nation that kills babies in these numbers (64 million since 1972) it causes you to think there is more involved than just the choice of one woman. The abortion industry has become the death mill for the sacrifice of innocent blood. This demonic principality always demands more, ever increasing the sacrifice. Like the grave, it cries “never enough!”

Across our nation there is innocent bloodshed: Some of it from women who have believed the lie of a ‘fetus, mass of tissue’ rather than a baby; Most from the well informed who understand all of the issues, yet still call for the sacrifice.

A baby is a baby at conception:

Jeremiah 1:3 “Before I formed you in the womb I knew you. Before you were born I sanctified you.”

A baby is a baby at 8 weeks pregnancy.

A baby is a baby at 9 months pregnancy.

A baby is a baby at birth.

A baby is a baby is a baby is a baby!

Forgive us Lord when we do not cry out against this atrocity!

Our voice matters and our vote matters.

If and when we go into a voting booth and vote for any candidate who is aligned with a platform that is pro-choice, abortion and murder, we will be held responsible because their vote speaks.

It speaks in the earth realm.

It speaks in the spiritual realm.

It speaks in the political realm.

This is a spiritual issue of “who will you serve?” Molech or the God who created the Heavens and the Earth? The King of all Kings, Jesus, or a demonic principality that demands innocent blood.

The blood of our King, Jesus the Redeemer, was shed for the forgiveness of sin. If you have found yourself agreeing politically, medically or spiritually with abortion either by encouraging someone to have an abortion, by having an abortion, or by voting for a political platform that supports it, I have good news for you. You can repent, be forgiven and turn from your wicked way. There is great mercy for you!

And Lord, have mercy on our souls, our nation and our churches.


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The Covenant Keeper

David wrote in Psalm 25:14, “The secret of the LORD is for those who fear Him; He will make them know His Covenant.”

Years ago as a young Christian, I was asked to lead worship at a ladies’ retreat. The teacher spoke about the details of God’s covenant with Abraham and my heart was forever captured by the idea of covenant. I began a quest for more knowledge and understanding of His covenant with me. Studying the covenants in the Old Testament, I realized the different accounts from Adam to Moses to David were all expansions of only one true covenant. The intensity and language grew with each sequential story of covenant, enlarging the beauty, perception, character, and responsibility of Jehovah, the covenant-keeping God.

And now I have just released my new book: The Covenant Keeper. Here is a short portion of the prologue.

The Foundation Stone of Blood Covenant

 The Book of First Peter states that Jesus was crucified before the foundation of the earth. What would that look like? How did this come to be? We do not have that information. I am a visionary learner. If I can see it I have a better grasp of the information given. As I pondered the statement, “Before the foundation of the earth.” I began to visualize a possible scenario and conversation between the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

The following drama is how I imagined it could have been. Please go with me into eternity before time was created. A place when the three in one, Elohim, existed alone, without another like Himself. There were angels there because Ezekiel tells us that Lucifer had fallen long before the earth was created and had taken with Him one third of the angelic realm. Job declared that the Morning Stars, possibly angelic beings, sang when He pulled the land up from the deep waters, yet the galaxies were not created until the fourth day. As an integral part of His being, light and worship were present. And yet, a heart deeper than any ocean and wider than any sky yearned for an Other like Himself. His desire was for a bride.

Before the Beginning

“In the vast nothingness, chaos reigned as Elohim hovered over the dark waters of disarray and confusion. The only sound heard or felt was the deep cry of a lonely heart yearning for His Other. This Other would complete His joy, receive His kindness, and echo back His love. Pure love must be given away freely or it is not love at all. And love without an object to receive it is really quite meaningless. Pure love is what made this mysterious community of Father, Son, and Spirit truly one God—Elohim.

In the profound intensity of this yearning, Elohim conceived a plan. He would make an Other in His own likeness. Lovely and creative, she would know life in the fullest sense. She would be like Him — spirit, soul, and body, male and female. She would dream, she would know joy, and yes, she would know sorrow.

As He visualized His plan unfolding, He recognized His old adversary Lucifer would be standing by yet again ready to steal, kill, and destroy any object of His love.

Oh, but she would love Him back, wouldn’t she? Surely she would always choose Him. But love without choice is not love either. Love must be freely given and freely received or it becomes bondage, and bondage can never be described as love. She must be free to choose.

As He pondered this vision, end and beginning, with a broken heart He knew what her choice would be. He knew the beguiling lies of the Father of Lies would be too strong for her and would draw her away, bringing her into bondage and stealing her destiny, the destiny of becoming His bride, His Other……”

And so begins to story of the need for blood covenant, the cost of blood covenant and the redemption through blood covenant.

The Covenant Keeper is about Jesus. A theme throughout the Bible from Genesis to Revelation,the law of Redemption requires the Redeemer to sanctify, deliver, redeem, and restore us into full inheritance as his bride through blood covenant. The four cups of Passover and the following sacrifice of the cross echo this law; the resurrection and the Wedding Feast of the Lamb in Revelation complete the total fulfillment of this same law. All one covenant. All fulfilled in one man. Jesus Christ, The Covenant Keeper.

Available on our website (Click Here) or on Amazon!


Potential: The possibility of something happening or of what someone will become in the future; latent qualities that may lead to success in the future. 



This morning I sat on my porch during a thunderstorm and marveled at the magnificence of our Father. I have enjoyed my lilies this year; they have been beautiful. I noticed many new buds on the stalks that would become big, stunning blossoms. Sadly… they only last a couple of days then they begin to fade. But I also I noticed the new buds on the lilies, the hibiscus, the small rose bush and even the blueberries. I am eagerly anticipating the sweet taste of the blueberries and the morning I am greeted with the brilliant colors and delightful fragrance of the flowers. Potential. Today I see their potential, tomorrow the fullness of their destiny. 


In the spring there is nothing more exciting to me than buying flowers to plant in my flower beds. I break up the hard ground, add new soil and look for bigger pots to grow more flowers. I love Miracle Grow products! As I pour on this blue liquid I have great expectation of bigger blueberries or increased blooms.

Hidden within each of us, our Father plants a small portion of His own DNA, a tiny seed ready to explode, bloom and reach our destiny. He then plants us into fertile ground so that we might reach our full potential. (Acts 17:26, Read it!) What dreams were placed in your heart by our Father that hold the key to your potential? What abilities or even disabilities has He allowed in your life to prune or even fertilize your potential? With great expectations, He pours on His “Miracle Grow” products such as faith, hope, joy and even sorrow and difficulties, knowing exactly what each of us will require to reach our potential, our destiny. He is the Master Gardner. John 15:1 I am the Real Vine and my Father is the Farmer. (The Message Bible).



Scrolling through FaceBook I read the story of a young, hopeless boy in the slums of Haiti who has just graduated with honors from West Point Academy as a full citizen of the United States. He is a strong warrior who may just command the army of our nation one day. Who knew? Who could see his potential? God and the boy’s father. (click here for the story)

Then there is the story of the little boy who kept the sheep on a hillside in the Judean hills around Bethlehem. Everyone else saw him as a shepherd, but God saw the potential of a great warrior king who could bring Israel into the fullness of its destiny. King David. 

Rich Butler, my son-in-law once said, “An acorn is simply an oak tree that hasn’t reached its potential…yet.” 



As we look at the lillies and even the acorns let’s remember to look into the faces of newborn babies, of children, of friends, of little boys born in the slums of a poverty-stricken nation and see the potential. Let’s pray for hope and faith to come and water the potential in each of them. Who knows what your small prayer might kindle? Who knows what spark your kind words might ignite? Begin to look past the present and nourish, encourage and pray for their potential to manifest. Who knows if that dirty faced, snagged toothed little boy might become the hero, the president, the king.



Potential plus the power of God?

Nothing is impossible! 

It Is Well With My soul


Have you ever been in God’s waiting room? I am in the process of waiting for my new book, The Covenant Keeper to be printed. Because of technical difficulties, it has been a long process. However, that is not the only “waiting” I am doing.

It just seems many things in my life are shifting. I have heard the Lord speak about a new season, a new direction and my heart has said yes to His nudging. This means I have pulled back from some of our usual meetings and am waiting for the new thing.

Waiting…. Waiting… Waiting… Waiting for the new. As one friend put it, “You are in the waiting hall of the Lord. One door has closed and the new door has not opened as yet. And so you wait….”

This morning as I was “waiting on the Lord” I heard him ask me, “Is it well with your soul today?” I stopped for a moment to take inventory. Did I feel peace? Anxiety? Fear? Joy? After checking, I realized that yes, it is well with my soul.

You see, God’s waiting hall is not a place of emptiness where nothing is taking place. It is a place of preparation, of taking off the old clothes of the old season and being ready for the new outfits, the new mantles of the new season. A place to stop, take inventory, and learn to trust Him all over again for the new.

Earlier this week I felt anxiety over several things. I knew I was still in that waiting hall and I wanted out! Yard work to be complete, emails to answer, projects to complete, the book, the ministry, my life. And why were my new flowers dying, for heaven’s sake! I was ready to move forward. Ready for the new door to open. Yet, there was nothing I could do but wait. After venting all of this to my long-suffering husband, I realized the things that caused me to feel the most anxious were the things I could not control. After a few frustrated tears, His peace came and BJ was quite relieved. (BJ did buy me some new ferns to replace the dead flowers.)




This morning my prayer was, “Father, why was I so anxious earlier this week?”

His answer, “Look at your flower beds.”

That was a strange reply. Then I noted that all of my flower beds had distinct borders. Gently the Lord spoke, “You don’t enjoy flowers that might get outside of the borders. That would feel out of control to you. And neither do you like for circumstances in your life to be out of control, outside of the borders you have created in your heart or mind.” Ouch! I began to see the earlier anxiety had come from situations in which I was not in control. My children’s choices, the publication date of my book, our ministry, and so many other projects. I realized, yet again, that in order to walk in peace I had to learn a new level of trust. This is a lesson I have walked out over and over and over again but one I frequently forget.

Trust. Simple trust in the most trustworthy one of all. My Father.

So in taking inventory this morning, I smiled and said, “Yes, I trust you all over again. You have never failed me and you won’t start now. It is well with my soul.”

Will this next season require swimsuits or snowshoes? I don’t know, but I do know my Father is preparing me for either one as I wait in His waiting hall. Whenever the new door opens it will be the right door, the right time and I will be ready. Yes, “It is well with my soul.”


Trust. No Borders. My Next Room?


The first thing the Lord did when He created man was to place him in a garden. So many times Jesus spoke of farmers, crops, and flowers. One of my favorite scriptures is from Matt. 6: 28-29“Consider the lilies of the field, how they grow: they neither toil nor spin; and yet I say to you that even Solomon in all his glory was not arrayed like one of these.”


I have been quite busy working in my garden and loving every minute. There is something about digging in the dirt that brings fulfillment to my heart and fullness to my soul. Psalm 23 that states, “He restores my soul.” For me, one of the best ways for my soul to be restored is to have dirt under my fingernails. Last year was such a busy year for us and by the end of 2017 I was quite burned out. I seemed to have lost the joy of everyday life. Talk about a dry spell. So the Lord in His mercy has had me to pull way back on many things, re-evaluate everything I was doing in ministry and just rest. No, not sleeping, but finding rest for my soul.

How would the Lord restore my soul? My body was fine. My spirit seemed to be in touch with the Holy Spirit. But my soul? Dry, tired, no joy and even a feeling of sadness. I needed restoration.

Matt. 11:28-30. Are you tired? Worn out? Burned out on religion? Come to me. Get away with me and you’ll recover your life. I’ll show you how to take a real rest. Walk with me and work with me-watch how I do it. Learn the unforced rhythms of grace. I won’t lay anything heavy or ill-fitting on you. Keep company with me and you’ll learn to live freely and lightly.”


I began to ask, “Lord, how do I walk with you, how do you do it?” I thought I needed to be at every meeting, in touch with every person I knew, take care of all the problems of my children (ouch!) and the list goes on! Talk about two big issues.

Number one: Who is in control? I quickly discovered it was not me!

Number two: I had a big case of FOMO-Fear Of Missing Out!!!

As I surrendered Number One to the Lord and am learning to release others to him and to say “No” to other things, BJ is still traveling to many meetings and prayer assignments. I am staying home, planting flowers, digging in the dirt.

The second one seemed to be a little more difficult. I had a big case of the “what if’s.” What if no one remembers me? What if I miss out on the Big Thing? What if everyone is there…. And no one misses me? You see, we all want to be invited to the party! No one likes to be left out.

And guess what? Most everything, all the meetings, went right along without me just fine. Does that mean I’m done, not important? Not at all. You see I have found peace working in my garden. The Master Gardner is right there with me, enjoying the beauty He created and I help to grow.

When the time comes, if it comes, I will be back out there, going and doing. But my prayer is that I will be wiser than before, I will pray to hear if I am to go or to stay.

If I go, he will direct me, I will walk in joy and fellowship with others and love the busyness of it all, especially the opportunity to teach, share and pray with others.

If He says stay, I will be content to stay, be quiet and be still and KNOW that He is God. You see, that is where my soul will be restored. That is where I will find his rest. That is where I will find Him: In the garden looking, smelling and enjoying the lilies. I will be walking in the unforced rhythms of His grace. In my garden.