Redemptive Gift of Ruler-Generational Fathers and Mothers!

Generational Fathers
Generational Fathers

Redemptive Gifts Part 6-Ruler   (In this series we will take a quick look at the characteristics of each individual redemptive gift. Please see ‘Redemptive Gift’ in the menu at the top of the page for an explanation of “Redemptive Gifts” teaching.)

We can take a deep breath and relax, dad is here and he always has the plan. This is the security that ruler Redemptive Gift brings to the table, male or female. Redeemed RG rulers carry an innate sense of authority that brings peace into situations because they always have a plan, a way to accomplish what is needed for the group, whether it be a building, organization, or a social network. It is in their DNA to plan it, build it and implement it. Just as Nehemiah took broken, ordinary people and attained supernatural results when rebuilding the wall around Jerusalem, it is you, rulers, who can build God’s Kingdom or establish a social structure while you synergistically release life to those under your authority.

Not into blame, their motto is “ Let’s don’t cry over spilled milk, let’s just find a way to clean up the mess!” Rulers own their own problems and are not into the blame game. They just want to ‘get ‘re done!’ and move on to the next situation.

Some rulers in the bible were Joseph, Solomon, Nehemiah, God’s empire builders.

Unredeemed they are not into the details, 80% of the job is good enough to call it quits. They can love projects, and get the job done while they use the people. This is called a predator spirit that can be empowered by the unredeemed ruler.

However, as rulers pay the price to stop, consult the Father as to how to nurture while they build, they shift into using the project as a way of loving and nurturing the people. Total reverse! 

It is in this way that rulers become examples of the Father Heart of God. Our Father wants to build His kingdom in the earth, but at the same time it is His Father Heart that wants to bring broken, wounded people into this kingdom to give them a purpose as they are being healed, cleansed and made whole. A win/win scenario.

God commanded Adam on the sixth day to go, take dominion and release His glory in the earth. And it is you, Rulers, who understand How to do it! As you seek Him, spend time to really get to know the Father’s heart you will produce sons and daughters, not orphans. And remember, 80% is not good enough! Complete the job!

Jesus completed the job, 100%. As He walked in the earth, He came to release the Kingdom and to show us exactly what the Father looked like! He said, “When you have seen me, you have seen the Father.” So it is you, rulers, who are called to mother/father the generations, to nurture the sons and daughters as you also show us how to build His Kingdom in the earth!

Three Generations Building His Kingdom!
Three Generations Building His Kingdom!