The Camels are Coming! Happy New Year 2012/5773

HOTY5773_bg(Art work by James Nesbit of Prepare The Way Ministries)

Today as 2012 draws to a close I’m reminded of the third blessing of Hanukah:

Blessed art thou, Oh Lord our God, Ruler of the universe, Who has given us life and has kept us alive, and enabled us to reach this time of year again!

2012 was filled with joy, sadness, highs and lows for all of us. But today I’m thankful that He has given us life yet one more year! He has kept us alive yet one more year! And He has enabled us to reach this time of year again! That, my friends, is enough to sing and shout about. As my friend, Charlie McNair, used to say, “He woke me up this morning, started me on my way! He didn’t have to do it, but He did!”

So as we look forward to 2013, we will have joy, sorrow, ups and downs. But we do so with the knowledge that He has already been this way, and knows the end from the beginning. We face this new year with great confidence, expectation and anticipation of all that he has in store for us!

In the Hebrew calendar, this is 5773-the year of Gimmel. Gimmel means camel and is also the ‘3’ of the Hebrew alphabet. That means this is the year of the camel. The camel brought the wise men to Jesus with great provision. The camel brought Isaac’s servant to Rebekah with her destiny and future. And the camel is coming this year to bring you into His provision, your destiny and your future!

So we say: “2013/5773, we embrace all that you hold for us! The good, the better and the best.”

Have a prosperous, delightful, joyful New Year! And be watching, your camel is coming!