Right or Wrong! Black or White!

“Well, that’s just the way I am!” “It’s either black or white, right or wrong! End of discussion!”

Have you ever tried to discuss an issue with someone who has made these statements? If so you are probably talking to someone who has the “Redemptive gift” of Prophet/Perceiver!

In this series we will take a quick look at the characteristics of each individual Redemptive gift, beginning with Prophet/perceiver.

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 Prophet/Perceiver Redemptive gift Part 1

Perceive is to discern, recognize, become aware of, distinguish, grasp, understand, comprehend, apprehend, discern, detect, observe; regard, view, consider, judge, adjudge.

These adjectives describe the gift of Prophet/Perceiver.

(Remember this is not to be confused with ‘prophet’ in Ephesians 5-Apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors, teachers. This is about the characteristics of a personality type from Romans 12-prophet/perceiver.)

FOUNDATIONAL: To the degree that the prophet/perceiver embraces relationship, to that degree will be the basis of his ministry. This is first with God, then his peers.

The Prophet/Perceiver is:

  1. A Great communicator. Verbally expressive and process facts quickly. Shifts gears without warning! Change lanes without signaling!
  2. A Visionary. Always wants to know “Why?”
  3. Passionate for Excellence. Never satisfied by a job half done.
  4. Quick to recognize truth and speak it
  5. A model of integrity
  6. Quick to take initiative. Quick to war!
  7. Compulsive and generous giver.
  8. Terrible at maintaining. Will improve it, enlarge it, change it, or quit. They like to fix things, frame it then move on to something new.

He or She:

  1.  Cannot tolerate bondage. Either for themselves or others.
  2. Will hold more tightly to truth than to relationships. They must study the principles of relationship and learn to listen, then they can become bridge builders.
  3. Has a simple world view- it’s either right or wrong, in or out, black or white.
  4.  Accesses situations quickly
  5. Adjudicates constantly: They do not seem to be able to ‘cut off’ their tendency to judge everything.
  6. Knows no fear/ not easily intimidated
  7. Fiercely competitive
  8. Must make sense out of everything.
  9. Alert to dishonesty in others
  10. Is willing to suffer for truth

Unredeemed, Prophets/perceivers can be unforgiving; lack tactfulness in rebuke; expose without restoring; have a tendency to dwell on the negative; have a tendency to cut people off who fail.

Prophets/perceivers are able to see long in the Word of God where discover new principles, bring them out to the body of Christ and show others how to apply them in their lives. However, this is why maintenance is so hard for the prophet, they are constantly looking for the new. They need a new problem to solve, new principle to explore or a blank piece of paper.

Faith, however comes easiest for the prophet/perceiver because they see principles of truth and know that they work every time. They understand the non-optional principle of TRUTH and this gives them the boldness to stand for it. “TRUTH WORKS EVERYTIME!”


Healing the Land: Forgiveness vs Justice

We serve a God of Justice and Righteousness. In fact these two pillars are the foundation of His throne. When there was famine in the land, David sought the Lord and the Lord spoke that the Gibeonites had been denied justice. (Remember the covenant that Joshua made with the Gibeonites? Saul forgot, but God did not!). David called the Gibeonites and ask what would it take for them to bless the land? My what power they had in their hand! Could they have released forgiveness and then blessed the Land without the blood shed? I don’t know, perhaps. But they chose justice and 7 of Saul’s sons were hanged and the famine was broken. (II Sam. 21:2-9). The injustice of their unjust blood shed by Saul was answered with blood shed. (Remember, innocent blood shed defiles the land.)

But our God is also a God of mercy, grace and forgiveness.  When we are denied justice in our personal lives, we feel betrayed, not only by the people who have withheld the justice, but sometimes by God Himself. In my pain I have cried out, “You, Lord, could have stopped this! Why did you allow this to happen to ME? You, above all know what is right and just!” Ever done that? Question the goodness of God in your life when things go wrong? And what does this have to do with bringing healing to our land?

In times such as this we have a choice. The Lord will surely bring justice. But as we wait for His Hand to move, often times he allows us to walk through injustice for his greater purpose: reconciliation through forgiveness; building His character in you!

Recently BJ and I watched the movie, “Invictus.” I was overwhelmed at the injustice that was done to the black people of South Africa. Nelson Mandela had been imprisoned for 24 years for protesting the Apartheid government of South Africa. Seeing and knowing the history of injustice in South Africa makes the magnitude of President Mandela’s forgiveness so much greater.  As he released grace through forgiveness, not only to his own captors, but also to the entire white race of that nation, he began a movement of national reconciliation that was seen around the world. Instead of civil war, through this one man’s forgiveness of injustice, a nation was preserved from further blood shed. (Now, that is what I call standing in the gap for one nation!) One of the quotes from this movie is: “Forgiveness liberates the soul. It removes fear, and that is why it is such a powerful weapon!” I’m reminded once again that our weapons of warfare are not carnal, but are mighty to the pulling down of strongholds, strongholds of hatred, violence and, yes, injustice!

I have seen this same spirit in one of my heroes, Dr. John Perkins. Although suffering at the hands of white racist governmental officials of the ’60’s, he has chosen to walk in forgiveness, releasing grace and mercy where ever he goes. Rather than tear down through hate, he has chosen to build up communities with positive works of righteousness. Several years ago I was privileged to speak with him in a causal atmosphere and he was telling me about his project in South Jackson. He called it “The Zechariah Eight Community” where old men sit and tell tales and children play in the streets without fear. (Zechariah 8:4-6). And his invitation to me was, “Come and live with us there!” Although moving to Jackson was not in our plans, my heart wanted to say, “Yes! I’d like that very much!”

Healing the land

“Whoever has no rule over his own spirit is like a city broken down, without walls.” Prov. 25:28  (The NIV Bible)

As intercessors, our Magnificent God graciously allows us to walk through the same strongholds as our community. As these strongholds are torn down in our personal lives, we can, in turn, walk in the authority needed to pull those same strongholds down in our city! He gives us opportunities to walk through personal crisis or injustice for His purposes. Intercession is not about what we do, but it is about who we are and how we live. As we are called to stand in the gap for our city or state, (Ezekiel 22) we will not have authority over the strongholds that we see manifested there unless we have been personally tested and have walked in victory through some of the same difficult situations. God has a plan to use us on a much grander scale than we can ever imagine! So, come on, intercessors! Walk in freedom! Walk in victory! Walk in forgiveness! Our cities and our nation need you now!

James 1:2-5, 12 (the Message Bible) 

“Consider it a sheer gift, friends, when tests and challenges come at you from all sides. 3You know that under pressure, your faith-life is forced into the open and shows its true colors. 4So don’t try to get out of anything prematurely. Let it do its work so you become mature and well-developed, not deficient in any way. 5If you don’t know what you’re doing, pray to the Father. He loves to help. You’ll get his help, and won’t be condescended to when you ask for it. 6Ask boldly, believingly, without a second thought…. Anyone who meets a testing challenge head-on and manages to stick it out is mighty fortunate. For such persons loyally in love with God, the reward is life and more life.” 

II Corinthians 1:4 (the Message Bible)

“He comes alongside us when we go through hard times, and before you know it, he brings us alongside someone else (Perhaps a city or nation) who is going through hard times so that we can be there for that person just as God was there for us.” 

Our Relentless Father

We create nurseries for our babies. We work hard to have everything just right for them. The right color! The right furniture! The right everything! All of this for a tiny, helpless bundle of pure joy and happiness. After they are born we sit and look at them and we dream! What will they accomplish? Who will they be?

Father, all of creation was just a backdrop, a framework for your crowning glory, man! Our wonderful Father lovingly set everything in place just for us. He exquisitely calibrated the atmosphere to sustain our life. He breathed out the sun, moon & stars to give us light, constantly declaring his Glory so that we might realize just how big he is! Then He created the land and trees for shade, comfort, color, enjoyment, food, the herbs for healing. Next came the birds and fish created for beauty for our eyes and songs to fill our hearts with joy and pleasure! He thought of everything!! By just a word from his mouth he created the animals to keep all of creation in order; to give us contentment, help and sometimes just plain fun!

When everything was ready He shaped, formed and created Adam! Father, did you smile with pleasure as you gazed into his face? Did you just sit and marvel at the work of your hands, this man? Did you dream of all he could be and do? Did you laugh as you thought of him running in the cool grass? Did you cry when you knew he would fall down, literally ‘fall’?

Then came the saddest words ever uttered throughout all eternity: “Adam, where are you?” “My Son, can you hear my heart breaking for you, crying out for you, longing for you?”

“ADAM! Where are you?”

And Adam hid from God.

Relentless in his pursuit of us, he continues to call, “Where are you?”

And we hide.

We hide in our busyness. We hide in pursuit of our own dreams. We hide behind our failures and even our successes. We hide.

But our relentless Father never stops calling out, ‘Where are you?”

In his mercy and grace he gently uncovers our hiding place to find us. By His own blood he pays our enemy the full price to buy us back from our captivity. Then He cleans us up, dresses us in beautiful robes of His righteousness and seats us right up next himself, so that once again we can enjoy the world he created just for us! Once again we can walk in the cool of the day and enjoy close relationship with him, our relentless Father who searches for us, finds us and gives us his own eternal life!

Why? Because he loves us THAT MUCH!


Abba or Judge?

Abba, Dad or Supreme Court Judge?

Son/Daughter or Orphan?

Last week we were in Greenville, SC, visiting our daughter, JoAnna, son in love, Rich, and our amazing grandchildren. What a joy! Rich is pastor of The City Church, and one of the best preachers I’ve heard. (Go to their website sometime and listen, I think you will agree.) He made a statement that has ‘stuck’ in my heart and has been marinating in my spirit all week.

“Jesus called his father by the name of ‘Abba’ every time he addressed him or spoke about him. All except one time!” I immediately went to my Strong’s on my phone and looked it up! And he was right! Yea Rich!

For example, rather than “Thy will be done on Earth as it is in heaven,” it could read: “Dad, We ask for your desires to be carried out in our lives and cities, so that this place looks like that place! Will you help us do that?”

Interesting change. Dad. Intimate relationship, loving relationship, close relationship. Jesus and his dad had never been apart. They could finish each other’s sentences. They loved each other so much that one only had to indicate a request and the other fulfilled it.

In our vernacular Jesus could have said, “I only do what I see my dad do. I only say what I hear my dad say. I get up early every morning to get a chance to be with my dad alone. I love him so much that I try to get away from others to get a quick moment with him, just the two of us. He never leaves me. He is always close at hand. In fact, His face shines on me when I lie down at night and when I get up in the morning he is there. In fact, I’m a chip off the old block! I am so much like him that when you’ve seen me, you’ve actually seen him too! We are really tight, my dad and me.

“And my Dad loves a good party. I went to a wedding once, and the father of the bride had run out of wine. So my dad said, “Son, they need a little help. Why don’t you supply all the wine they need. Now remember, Son, I’m pretty particular about things, so make sure it is the best wine, better than their money can by! And Son, don’t be skimpy, be a little extravagant! I figure about 180 gallons should do it!” So I did it. I took some water jars and changed the water into the best wine! The folks at the party we so amazed and kept asking questions about the wine. Dad and I just smiled and I saw the tinkle in His eye. That sort of thing really makes us both happy. We take great pleasure in supplying for folks and watching them enjoy the results. That’s my Dad! Always loving and doing extravagant things just to bring joy into the earth!”

But there came a day when Jesus did not call him “Dad.”

On the cross, at a time when he needed the close, loving relationship of a father the most, he looked up to find that familiar face hidden from him. The encouraging smile which said ‘You are my son! You are doing great! Keep moving forward! You can do this!’ was nowhere to be found. At a time when he needed the blessing of Aaron the most; the blessing which states, ‘and make His face shine upon you’ was gone and the curse of darkness was all around! Instead of the kind, understanding eyes he sought, he stared into the face of the Chief Magistrate, the Judge of the Supreme Court of the Universe, as the court was being seated and called into session. Now he found himself appearing in court as an orphan, forsaken, guilty of sin, cursed by the darkness. The one he had known so intimately and loved so dearly, the one with whom he had never been separated was now his judge. And the verdict rang out through eternity: GUILTY AS CHARGED! One last plea was cried out by this magnificent Savior and Redeemer. Addressed not to His dad, but to El Elyon, the Supreme Judge of the Universe: “My God, My God, Why have YOU forsaken me!!!!”

You see, at this time, the great Holy Son of God had become an orphan, guilty of my sin. Unable to stand under the blessing of Aaron, he stooped under the curse of darkness in my place, so that I, an orphan, stooping under the weight of darkness, could be lifted up as a daughter of the King. I could walk upright in the light of His countenance! No longer dressed in my dirty, filthy rags with all of my rotten failures around me, I could now become pure, holy, without spot or blemish, dressed in the robes of his righteousness! His beauty for my ashes, His oil of joy for my sadness and mourning, and His glorious robe of praise and holiness for my spirit of despair and heaviness.

He chose to do this for two reasons: Number one: Above all, it pleased his Dad. And number two: He loved me THAT MUCH!

My! What a Savior! What a Redeemer! What a magnificent loving, kind, extravagant, glorious God we serve! How can we help but praise, love, and worship him!

Shiloh Eagles!

Shiloh Eagles picture by Jay Poindexter.

I’ve had the wonderful pleasure and excitement of watching eagles at the nearby Shiloh Nat’l Park as they have nested, hatched one eaglet, and now as they bring fish from the Tennessee river to feed this little one. I’ve watched as this little one is shedding downy feathers and stretching his wings in preparation of flight.

Yesterday, as I stood watching the female, Julia, sitting on the limb next to the nest preening, I was suddenly aware of the swoop of huge wings just above my head. I felt more than heard this mighty sound! As I looked up Hiram, the male, swooped down then up to the nest! I was so aware of the immensity of his wingspan and the massive power exhibited in each downward stroke. Such an awe-inspiring, magnificent and wonderful experience.  I was again reminded that the Lord says, “I will carry you on eagles wings!” and “You will mount up on wings like eagles!”

Father, as I look at your glorious creation, let me never forget Your love for us, your sons and daughters! You watch over us, make provision for us, and when we just ‘cannot make it any further’ in our walk in this world, You, The mighty eagle, swoop down with your spectacular, majestic wings and you lift us up, you carry us onward to our next place!! Thank you, Father for this reminder of who you really are!


A while back as I drove up to my daughter’s house to baby-sit little Christian, almost 2 and Caleb, 3, They heard my car and were waiting at the open door. Although it was very cold and wet, they both wanted to run to meet me. As their mom held them back from the rain, Christian began to jump up and down and shout “Memaw! Memaw!’ Such a welcome! He could not wait until he jumped into my open arms and gave me a big hug and a very wet kiss!

I remember other times when my daughter, Alyce, would come for a visit and Cadi, age 4 at the time, was buckled in the back of their suburban. As I ran out the door to meet them I could already see her hands in the air, and feet kicking shouting “Memaw! Memaw!” As I hurried to open the door, and release her seat belt, setting her free to leap into my open arms, she would give me a really tight hug and whisper, “Memaw, I missed you!”

Wow! Grandchildren are so wonderful. How my heart leaps each time I greet any of my nine exceptional grandchildren. There is something special about the way her eyes light up when my four year old, red headed Ella Tays runs to greet me and says, “I’ve got lots of hugs and kisses just for you!  I’m just full of ‘em!” My spirit rejoices as we dance around and welcome each other into our own little personal “circle of love.” A place where no one else exists except us and our joy at being together at last!

Some times when I’m attempting to have a ‘quiet time’ with the Lord, it is quite dry. I read my regular Bible reading, then I read a devotion out of my old faithful Streams in the Desert, but nothing seems to penetrate my spirit and cause my heart to REALLY turn toward Him. And then it happens!  A word, a song, a thought! He appears in my spiritual realm, and my heart suddenly leaps with the knowledge of His presence! I run to him as he unbuckles the ‘seat-belts’ that hold me back from him and we embrace in a hug. Then I hear Him whisper, “I missed you.” Suddenly I realize that it is I who have been away. It is I who have buckled myself into my expectations, my routines and stress over tasks to be accomplished. I have forgotten that He is just a whisper away. Forgotten the great joy of our spiritual hugs. Forgotten the excitement of experiencing our own personal ‘circle of love’ where no one else exists. Just the two of us, together at last! “He has lots of hugs and kisses! He’s just full of ‘em! ” And they are all for me!

The Lord has allowed me to experience the wonderful joy of grandchildren to give me a glimpse of His joy when I run to him, when I look up and see his fingerprint in my life unexpectedly, and I shout “It’s you, Father! I’ve missed you!” Together at last! What a wise wonderful loving Father he really is! And He’s waiting for you!

Welcome!! to my page and to my WORLD!

Welcome to my page and to my world. This is my first adventure in Blogging and I’m excited about the possibilities here! I’ve finally found a place to share devotions, thoughts, and even some of the principles of relationship that is close to my heart: Understanding your Redemptive/spiritual Gift.

Redemptive Gift? Just what did our Creator/Father have in mind when he created you? There is no one else in the world just like you! You are unique, one of a kind! And He had a unique purpose in mind when he created you! He set your time in history, your heritage, and even the exact place your should live (Acts 17:26 NIV) just so that YOU could have the best opportunity to know Him, love Him and come into the destiny that He has set for you since the beginning of time!

Yes! WELCOME TO MY PAGE! MY WORLD! Hope you like it here, and hope that you find this to be a happy, joyful place to be.