Right or Wrong! Black or White!

“Well, that’s just the way I am!” “It’s either black or white, right or wrong! End of discussion!”

Have you ever tried to discuss an issue with someone who has made these statements? If so you are probably talking to someone who has the “Redemptive gift” of Prophet/Perceiver!

In this series we will take a quick look at the characteristics of each individual Redemptive gift, beginning with Prophet/perceiver.

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 Prophet/Perceiver Redemptive gift Part 1

Perceive is to discern, recognize, become aware of, distinguish, grasp, understand, comprehend, apprehend, discern, detect, observe; regard, view, consider, judge, adjudge.

These adjectives describe the gift of Prophet/Perceiver.

(Remember this is not to be confused with ‘prophet’ in Ephesians 5-Apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors, teachers. This is about the characteristics of a personality type from Romans 12-prophet/perceiver.)

FOUNDATIONAL: To the degree that the prophet/perceiver embraces relationship, to that degree will be the basis of his ministry. This is first with God, then his peers.

The Prophet/Perceiver is:

  1. A Great communicator. Verbally expressive and process facts quickly. Shifts gears without warning! Change lanes without signaling!
  2. A Visionary. Always wants to know “Why?”
  3. Passionate for Excellence. Never satisfied by a job half done.
  4. Quick to recognize truth and speak it
  5. A model of integrity
  6. Quick to take initiative. Quick to war!
  7. Compulsive and generous giver.
  8. Terrible at maintaining. Will improve it, enlarge it, change it, or quit. They like to fix things, frame it then move on to something new.

He or She:

  1.  Cannot tolerate bondage. Either for themselves or others.
  2. Will hold more tightly to truth than to relationships. They must study the principles of relationship and learn to listen, then they can become bridge builders.
  3. Has a simple world view- it’s either right or wrong, in or out, black or white.
  4.  Accesses situations quickly
  5. Adjudicates constantly: They do not seem to be able to ‘cut off’ their tendency to judge everything.
  6. Knows no fear/ not easily intimidated
  7. Fiercely competitive
  8. Must make sense out of everything.
  9. Alert to dishonesty in others
  10. Is willing to suffer for truth

Unredeemed, Prophets/perceivers can be unforgiving; lack tactfulness in rebuke; expose without restoring; have a tendency to dwell on the negative; have a tendency to cut people off who fail.

Prophets/perceivers are able to see long in the Word of God where discover new principles, bring them out to the body of Christ and show others how to apply them in their lives. However, this is why maintenance is so hard for the prophet, they are constantly looking for the new. They need a new problem to solve, new principle to explore or a blank piece of paper.

Faith, however comes easiest for the prophet/perceiver because they see principles of truth and know that they work every time. They understand the non-optional principle of TRUTH and this gives them the boldness to stand for it. “TRUTH WORKS EVERYTIME!”