Ready or not, Here comes Christmas!


Delightful mugs of cocoa in front of a lovely blazing fire while gazing at a beautifully decorated Christmas tree with carols playing in the background.

Christmas cards with Mary, innocent and beautiful, Joseph, strong and watchful, and a sweet sleeping baby lying in a manger of clean straw, with angels hovering all

Does this remind you of Christmases past?

Instead of the twinkling lights of a Christmas tree, Mary and Joseph saw the glorious light of an amazingly brilliant star. Instead of the sounds of carols being sung by a choir, they heard the hooves of the donkey, the clatter of carts on cobblestone and the laughter of children as they traveled to Bethlehem with the crowds of people. Instead of decorated coffee mugs they drank their cool water out of …. I’m really not sure what they used for drinking. Perhaps a clay bowl or a leather wine skin or possibly a wooden cup.

Sometimes as writers we make it dismal and hard or simple and joyful. As poets we clean it up, romanticize it or spiritualize it. As artists we might paint it as a brown desert scene or with snow or with a golden glow. Basically none of us in our present day know what it was really like.  But regardless of how we imagine it, paint it or spiritualize it, the most  important fact is this: HE DID COME.

Whether it was cold or hot, dirty or clean, beautiful or just raw. HE CAME

This Christmas my house is under major renovation and my usual routine of December has been totally interrupted. Last year I celebrated each morning by drinking from a different coffee mug and remembering how I got each one. I took a moment to stop and meditate on the true meaning of Christmas and even had a prayer focus on some days. I loved reading the comments and so many joined with me each morning.


This morning as I stood in the middle of the chaos-hammers banging and saws sawing-I realized that Christmas would not wait for me. It would still come December 25, ready or not! This year the ONLY Christmas decor I have is a few coffee cups and one poinsettia. So I have a new plan for this year. When celebrating Sabbath the Jewish people light two candles every Friday evening at Sundown. The first is to remember, the second is to observe or celebrate. My plan is to follow the Jewish example: remember and observe. At least once a day, with my cup of coffee, I will make a point to stop and remember. I will remember that although my house is a little chaotic it will come back together and be beautiful and new and different. That is what the First Christmas did: Brought order out of chaos and made all things beautiful, new and different.

This year I will observe and celebrate Christmas, even in all the mess. The word Celebrate means “to publically acknowledge a happy or significant event.” And that, my friend, is exactly what I plan to do. I will greet others with “Merry Christmas!” I will hum or even sing songs about His birth, maybe out loud in Walmart! And I will gather with friends, exchange gifts and keep a stash of cash easily accessible to give to the bell ringers of the Salvation Army. I will celebrate the most significant event in all of history: His birth, His death, and His resurrection.


Merry Christmas!

Let’s stop, remember and observe with great gladness and joy!


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7 thoughts on “Ready or not, Here comes Christmas!”

  1. As always…. thank you my very precious sister. JWG


    From: Our lives/His Purposes-Ruthie’s Impressions [] Sent: Thursday, December 03, 2015 11:24 AM To: Subject: [New post] Ready or not, Here comes Christmas!

    Our lives-His Purposes, Ruthie’s impressions posted: ” Delightful mugs of cocoa in front of a lovely blazing fire while gazing at a beautifully decorated Christmas tree with carols playing in the background. Christmas cards with Mary, innocent and beautiful, Joseph, strong and watchful, and a sweet sle”


  2. I love your new Christmas tradition …
    We have established a new Christmas tradition. We bought a candle, white and gold (gold polka dots), with lines and numbers down one side 1-25. We are each taking a turn at lighting the candle and remembering that Jesus came to bring light into the world … and that the same light shines in and through us to the world.
    The first four days of December, we are each taking it in turns to lead communion, and then that person lights the candle. My 12 year old daughter did last night, and my 8 year old son is up tonight. We may decide to take communion and be thankful each night of this season. To stop reflect and take stock.
    I love the idea of a cup or mug and drinking and remembering and reflecting …
    Our Christmas looks like being a hot one … often high 90s (USA degrees speak … or 30s Aussie speak). The sun shines as I write, and daylight saving is with us. The children are finishing their school year and our summer holidays are about to begin. Not many (well probably none) mugs of cocoa, but plenty of iced water drinks and home made slushies … water balloon fights and time at the beach playing, swimming and surfing …
    I am delighted that you are renovating … it means that you have been blessed, and will have a (presumably) better functioning and new area in which to live life and I look forward to reading about your satisfaction of a newly arranged and functional home once complete!
    Blessings Ruthie!


    1. What an absolutely beautiful, deep and meaningful tradition. So precious to the Lord. Thank you for sharing with me. Communion brings such intimacy and expectancy and to include your children will impact their lives for eternity. And Yes, He is the light of the world! Again, thank you for sharing this and my hope is that other readers will see this and incorporate it, or other special traditions such as this into their Christmas season. Blessings back to you!

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