Run away or Come Away!

Have you ever wanted to run away? I certainly have. We have an old children’s video about a lost puppy who is adopted by a family of rabbits. Any time danger came near, the bunnies shouted “Run away! Run away!”  This was so against the puppy’s nature, but he learned to run away at the least little scare. When things get stressed or hectic in my life, I often hear that same voice shouting, ‘Run away! Run away!” I feel panic rise in me, because I don’t know where to run. Or do I?

Recently when browsing through a Southern Living Magazine I came across this Go RVing ad:

“AWAY is a place that’s not on any map. But you know it when you find it.”

Go RVing ad, SLM, July 2015
Go RVing ad, SLM, July 2015

I heard the Lord’s voice whisper, “I’ve not called you to run away, I’ve called you to Come away!”

This ad is true spiritually. Away is NOT on any map, but you know it when you find it. It is that quiet, peaceful place in your heart where you feel and know. That secure, safe place where he speaks softly, “I’m here and I’ve got this.” It is simply taking a moment to STOP and acknowledge His presence, His love, His kindness, His magnificence, His majesty, His gentle peace. In this place you can stay a few moments or a few hours. In this place your spirit rises up to connect with His Spirit and He brings your weary or frightened soul into His peace.  In a busy mall or in a tranquil, fragrant garden, in a chaotic household where every other word is ‘Mommy!” or a by a crashing, rushing waterfall, he calls us to ‘Come Away!’

Life always has those moments of decision. I believe the Lord allows these times to come so that we have the option to choose his blessing of peace or the chaos. It gives Him great joy and pleasure when we make the right choice.

Will you choose to run away?

or Come Away?



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7 thoughts on “Run away or Come Away!”

  1. Good article Ruthie! Definitely something to stop and think about. Over the last couple of years I have wanted to just run away so many times. It’s only been those times that I stopped, focused on Him and entered His rest that I knew that I could continue on. Thanks for posting this.


  2. Less than 30 minutes ago I was thinking about how much I would like to run away. Come Away sounds so much more productive! Thank you, my friend, for this timely word.


  3. I choose to come away! Just yesterday the worship team we had scheduled for a conference in less than a month decided they couldn’t do it. Shortly after that, I got a call from the administrator of the assisted living facility where my dear friend lives. I have power of attorney for her. She will be 100 years old next Monday so we are having a party for her on Sunday. The administrator told me that she thought my friend needed to go to a nursing home! I had a moment of wanting to run away, but then chose to come away. It’s a much better choice! The circumstances are in God’s hands and I rest in His peace. Love and hugs to you, Ruthie.


  4. What a challenging reminder and beautiful invitation to “come away,” Ruthie! Again, you’ve painted wonderful word pictures that help your reader to transition and desire to attain a deeper relationship with the Lord!! I’ve really connected on this one!!


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