Listen for the Song

This morning I read Psalm 32:7. “He envelops me with songs that remind me I am free.”(The Voice Bible) He sings songs of deliverance over us!  The enemy has a voice that rings inside of our heads. His voice hisses, harsh and accusing. And most of the time, unfortunately, that is the voice to which we listen, bringing shame and condemnation to our soul.

We forget to listen for the song! The song from our loving Father who sings:

“I saw you when you smiled at that homeless man, and I smiled too.”

“I saw you when you closed your eyes and felt the wind on your face. I sent the wind.”

“I saw you when you took the casserole, worshiped me in the assembly, helped the child at Walmart find his mama. And I winked and nodded my head. I listened to your prayer for a friend with cancer. And I responded with healing.”

“I heard you speak kindly to your husband when you wanted to scream. And I laughed!”

“ I watched you navigate the raging storm and I sent my overwhelming peace in the center of the whirlwind”

“I am so glad you are my daughter! You are lovely, you are mine! I will protect you and keep you. I will help you. I will hide you in the shadow of my wing. I love you.”

That is His song! His song of love, forgiveness, healing. Always redeeming! Convicting? Yes. Condemning? Never!

Today choose to close your ears to the rasping, incriminating murmurs of the enemy of your soul. Go deeper into your spirit to hear the melodious sound of your Father’s gentle whisper.

As we listen for His songs of deliverance, we are reminded that truly we are free, and He loves us with a relentless, extravagant love. It is then that we can sing His song to others, freely giving what we have freely received.

Listen for the song!

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Our lives-His Purposes, Ruthie's impressions

My passion is to see others move into a more intimate relationship with the Lord Jesus, come into the fullness of their identity and destiny, and advance the Kingdom of God in the earth.

14 thoughts on “Listen for the Song”

  1. This is wonderful and encouraging, Ruthie, and such a critical reminder in the times in which we live. Henceforth I will be listening anew with spiritual ears attuned and expectant. I can hardly wait to hear the song!!


  2. Another great post Ruthie. So many times we expect to hear some deep theological truth from God, or a stinging rebuke for some careless sin we did. Yet, He is our loving Father that wants to rejoice in us and captive our heart. May we get this revelation!


  3. This is beautiful! I love the intimacy that it brings. I like to envision myself dancing with him as he sings in my ear. Thanks for the reminder that HIS voice is gentle and full of love.


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