Jehovah Shammah-Redemptive Gift of Mercy

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Compound Name of Jehovah-Shammah

As Ezekiel prophesied the restoration of the temple and described the city not made with hands, he declared Jehovah-Shammah—The Lord is Present, The Lord is There. No longer would they search and fail to find Him. He would be present in His temple, His city, and His people. No longer would there be a separation between their ordinary, everyday lives and their religious or holy times with the Lord.  His presence would permeate the whole earth. Until that day of complete restoration comes, every Christian carries a measure of His presence.

The Lord is there. The Lord is present. He is present there. He is present there in the highest adoration of a choir singing on resurrection morning. He is present there in the dirtiest slum of Bangladesh. He is there.

His Spirit hovered over darkness and chaos in the beginning. He was drawn to this darkness. It was offensive to Him and all that He is, goodness and light. He spoke. The darkness scattered. Light and alignment came.

You, Mercy, carry that portion of the Creator in you. You are drawn to brokenness and darkness. It is offensive to you too. You long for alignment and light. And you intuitively know it is His presence that is necessary to shift it.

There is a time to soak in His presence, savor His beauty, and worship in His Holy place. But there is a time to come out of this sanctuary, the four walls of the church and touch the unclean, pray for the broken, and embrace the sick and wounded. The Lord is present in His holy sanctuary and He is just as present in the everyday lives of humanity. Our culture has attempted to remove His presence and we are all called to bring it back. You, Mercy, are charged to reflect Jehovah-Shammah, the Light of His Presence, to a dark and hurting world releasing His essence every where you go.

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2 thoughts on “Jehovah Shammah-Redemptive Gift of Mercy”

  1. Oh Ruthie, this is incredible. Reading this is like sitting on the precipice of heaven watching a beautiful reality unfold right before my eyes. It makes me think of something Moses would have written after just having experienced the glory of G-d pass by as he was shielded by G-d’s own hand. All my mercy innards are basking in the moment…reading this over and over again.


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