A Closer Look at the Redemptive or Grace Gifts

Today I will begin a series about the redemptive or grace gifts from Romans 12.  Please see ‘Redemptive Gifts’ in the menu at the top of page for an explanation of the Redemptive Gifts teaching.

The first seven blogs will be comparing the redemptive/grace gifts to the seven compound Names of Jehovah. Because all of these seven names begin with Jehovah, we must start there to get an understanding of that part of the name.

Our Great King cannot be limited by a name. He longs for us to know Him and have relationship with Him. Seven times in the Old Testament, He spoke His name prefaced by Jehovah. His name is so sacred the Israelites dare not even pronounce it. They called Him “Jah” or Jehovah, the sound of breath. It would be impossible to put into this space the full meaning of the name Jehovah. In fact, His name, His character can only be known in small increments because He is so wonderfully huge. He is incomprehensible and indescribable in the fullest sense of the words. A small definition of the name Jehovah is “the great supreme, sovereign Judge and God of the Universe, the Self-existent One, eternal, most vehemently holy Lord and Master.”

Over the next few weeks we will study these seven compound names of Jehovah. God’s heart is for us to discover more of His character. Serving Him is wonderful, but He longs for relationship. He created us to know Him, love Him, and trust Him as Father. Each of these names gives us a deeper, richer revelation of His loving nature. He is always good.

As we look at each of these names in relationship to the Romans 12 gifts, we will see the correlation of His character as it meets a specific need in the corresponding grace gift.

Note about the lists of seven: There are well over 100 “lists of sevens” found in the Bible. Our focus in this blog is the seven redemptive or grace gifts found in Romans 12. However, when researching other “lists of sevens,” our attention is drawn to the common characteristics of corresponding numbers on each of these lists.  The Prophet/Perceiver is the first on the list of gifts found in Romans 12 and Jehovah Jireh is the first in the seven compound names of Jehovah.  As we examine each correlating ‘first’ on the other ‘lists of sevens’ we discover insight into the heart and personality of the prophet/perceiver gift. Other lists of seven include the furniture in the Tabernacle, the days of creation and the seven last words of Jesus on the cross.



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