Scandalous Grace!

“But we tell a different story. We proclaim a crucified Jesus, God’s Anointed. For Jews this is scandalous….”I Corinthians 1:23. (The Voice)

Scandalous-causing general public outrage by a perceived offense against morality or law. Improper, shocking, outrageous, appalling, disreputable.

Jesus walked in scandalous grace.

He publicly forgave an adulterous woman.

He publicly went to the house of a crooked, cheating IRS agent, Nicodemus.

He publicly invited a thief into his inner circle and put him in charge of finances, Judas.

He publicly went against cultural mores, not only speaking to a woman, but to a half-breed Samaritan woman, and He gave her a drink of living water.

He publicly harvested and ate wheat from the field on Sabbath.

He took men and women of no reputation and made them Kings and Priests.

He freely and publicly forgave his murderers when he had done nothing wrong to merit the punishment.

He took the weak and made them strong.

He took the broken and made them whole.

He took the dirty, polluted and immoral and made them pure and clean.

He took the guilty and paid their penalty.

He saw my dark, sinful, hopeless heart and filled it with light and became my hope.

Yes! Jesus walked in scandalous grace! He lived a life of extravagant mercy, magnificent holiness, and redeeming justice.

Scandalous grace, shocking mercy, outrageous love. That’s what it took to set me free. And I have fallen in love with this kind, gentle, surprising, remarkable Savior.

And all I can say is Thank You!

All I can do is praise Him!

All I can do is worship this wonderful, magnificent Redeemer.

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Our lives-His Purposes, Ruthie's impressions

My passion is to see others move into a more intimate relationship with the Lord Jesus, come into the fullness of their identity and destiny, and advance the Kingdom of God in the earth.

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