Chippy’s Back!!


Oh My! March, 2013 I wrote about a small sparrow I had named Chippy. Chippy was different than all the other flock of sparrows. His left leg was broken and dragging.

Today has been an unusually beautiful ‘bird’ day. This morning in addition to the bright red cardinals, the gloriously yellow finches, the deep blue indigo buntings, along with our regular doves, sparrows and a few titmice, we had several rose-breasted grosbeaks. They migrate through here, but are not seen on a regular basis. Now it is early afternoon, and usually I don’t have the opportunity to watch the birds, that’s a delight reserved for mornings and a cup of coffee.  As I glanced out the back door I noticed a few sparrows and to my surprise there was Chippy!  To tell the truth, I figured since his leg was broken, he wouldn’t really make it that long. After he didn’t return I thought, well, you know, the worst.

But now he’s back. After a whole year he is back, still singing his song of praise! I have no clue of the spiritual significance to this event. Is it a prophetic sign? Maybe. But just maybe it is a simple reminder from My Father of His love and care for his creation, even when we have broken legs, or broken hearts. He cares. He watches over us. He provides for us. He has taken care of Chippy and He takes care of me and you! Love the song “His Eye is on the Sparrow.” How true for Chippy and How true for us.

Be blessed today! It’s a good day! Chippy’s come home.


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One thought on “Chippy’s Back!!”

  1. I love it!   Also thrilled with our birds!   Praying for you as you minister at James’ meetings!   Love you!



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