High Urgency — God’s View of Today

This is awesome and timely! Hope you are as blessed as I am. Thanks Arthur Burk for your insight!

Noble Subjects

Tomorrow is the 9th of Av on the Jewish calendar.  If you are not aware of the term, you should do a web search as there is a mass of information there.  Simply put, it is the most defiled day in Israel’s time line, supposedly dating back to the bad report the ten spies gave about the Promised Land.  Over the course of the last few millennia, an extraordinary number of awful things have happened to Jews on this specific day.

This is a classic curse on time with a trauma bond to defiled time as well.  (Click here to order that teaching if it is a new concept to you).  Remember that a trauma bond comes when people sit in judgment on God’s goodness, which is the essence of what the ten spies did.

It is difficult to figure out the math.  For millennia this curse has been strengthened…

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