Is HE SAFE??!!

In the Narnia Chronicles I love it when Susan asked if Aslan the Lion is safe. Mr. Beaver says, “Oh no! He is NOT safe! Oh, but he is good!”

This morning I’ve listened to Celine Dion sing “the Prayer.” This song seems to call to something deep inside my heart. This is a prayer for all of us to be “safe.” The third time through I was praying this for my children, “‘Take them to a place where they’ll be safe.” Then I heard the Lord ask, “What is safe?” I realized that my idea of safe and his idea of safe are quite different! Safe in the my eyes is a secure job, adequate money, a house and stability. Yet, His Word tells us that ‘safe’ is in the center of the will of the Father, where ever that may take us. In the harbor or on the high seas, as long as we are with him, we are safe.” AND YET…There is still the longing in my heart for them to be safe. Inside the harbor.

The word ‘safe’ means secure, protected, shielded, sheltered, guarded, out of harm’s way. But I know in my heart the strength of the vessel is in the storm! And I know that ‘hot house’ plants are never as strong as the ones grown in the outside weather nor is their fruit as sweet!

So as I release my children back into the hands of the Lord, I say to them, to myself, to all of us who have heard the roar of the Lion of Judah: “Never choose or settle for ‘safe!’ Always choose Him! We were designed to run with lions! To soar with the eagles! And that certainly is not safe! But it is good! It is fun! Because it is where He is! And that is where real life happens!



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4 thoughts on “Is HE SAFE??!!”

  1. Whether we be male or female Mercy’s, God so speaks to us through all His creation especially nature.
    When I am surrounded by His creation and away from the noise of the world and that within my mind I can see and hear how God has provided all that is needed to “BE”. It is not our works, our riches, our poverty, neither how we are perceived, nor how highly exalted but how we come through each circumstance that tries to prevent us from exhibiting how resting in the Power and Authority of the Holy Spirit will bring His Kingdom in our spheres of influence. My desire is that His rest in me be so evident to my children and grandchildren they change their mindsets some of which I, myself, fathered in them.
    We(Mercy’s) must also have a draw to certain songs and lyrics. I can’t tell you how many times I have sat late at night and put on my earphones and listened to “The Prayer” by everyone that has every sung it but I especially like the one’s where Andrea Bocelli accompanies.
    Thanks Ruthie for stirring me up for the remainder of my day. Blessings!


  2. A beautiful insight…  Thank you for bringing comfort and encouragement to my “Mama” and “Grandmama’s” heart. I do want them to run with THE LION!

    Love you, Connie

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