Chippy-God uses the simple things to confound the wise!

This morning I’m sitting by the fire, watching the birds on my patio as it is spitting snow, enjoying this quiet time with the Lord. I woke up with so many things, problems and ‘things to do’ on my heart that it was quite difficult to just sit. But isn’t that what Shabbat is for-to stop, push all else aside and just enjoy time with my Father! It’s been a while since I’ve had this opportunity, so I’m taking full advantage!

And there is Chippy on my patio today! We have bright red cardinals, deep yellow finches, titmice and LOTS OF SPARROWS! I first met Chippy, a small brown sparrow back in January. So what makes Chippy a little different than the other brown sparrows? A broken leg he drags around and a wing that doesn’t look exactly right. Actually Chippy is crippled and should not be able to fly, hop, or even live. But, no one told Chippy, so he comes every morning for his breakfast and then flies away to do what he does best: SING!

The first day I saw Chippy, I felt sorry for him, wanted to catch him and help him; wanted him to be whole like the other hundreds of sparrows in my yard. But now after watching him for three months I’m amazed at his determination to live his life as normal and avoid the predator cats that roam and come back each morning to my patio!

And as I watch in amazement I hear the Lord whisper-”This is Chippy’s reality! He doesn’t know he is different. He doesn’t know he has to work harder than the others to survive! And I have my eye on Chippy, just as I do all the other sparrows! But Chippy is one of my favorites, because he didn’t stop when attacked, he just kept fighting and eventually he won! He is alive and it gives me pleasure to watch him do what he was created to do! Even with a broken leg and a deformed wing, Chippy still sings!”

So today, with all the cares of my life, my verse is “Let not your heart be troubled!” and “Martha, Martha you are troubled over many things, but Mary has chosen the best!”

Today I choose Joy! Today I choose peace! Today, though my heart is troubled over many things, I choose to be like Chippy. Regardless of the problems and issues that make up my reality, I will not be hindered from doing what I was created to do: to sing, to worship and to dwell in the secret place of His presence, enjoying Him, His creation and Chippy!


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