First they appear, then they are gone!


Redemptive Gifts Part 2-Servant, Like the atmosphere, invisible but essential!

(In this series we will take a quick look at the characteristics of each individual redemptive gift. Please see ‘Redemptive Gift’ in the menu at the top of the page for an explanation of “Redemptive Gifts” teaching.)

First they appear, then they are gone!

Who was that masked man/woman doing the dishes, sweeping the floor, keeping the nursery, and setting up the communion table? They appear, then they are gone, and very few remember their name. But we all benefit from their ability to see what needs to be done, and then does it!

And so it is with the Servant Redemptive gift. They are usually in the background serving, busy, never saying no, but very essential in every sense of the word. They are the oil that is not seen but keeps everything running smoothly.

Esther. Joseph, the husband of Mary. Ananias who prayed for Paul. Each was quick to obey, step up to the plate when needed, and then disappeared from sight when the task was fulfilled. And most of the time they stood in a place to save others from death. You, redemptive gift servant, are available, quick to obey and most of the time in the background like the atmosphere, invisible yet essential!

These hard workers enjoy meeting the practical needs of others, especially leaders. Because they usually don’t feel worthy of honor and have great difficulty saying “No,” servants many times are abused, taken for granted, and go basically unrecognized or honored for the great worth they bring to the Body of Christ.

Being alert to the likes and dislikes of others, meeting practical needs and by putting ‘extra flourishes and finishing touches’ on their tasks, they bless others and create a safe, inviting atmosphere for worship or work. And talk about tenacious! Servants refuse to give up on ‘hard cases’ in the body of Christ.

Servants can be enablers, and are prone to yield to the ‘victim’ spirit themselves.  Many have prodigal children because for servants, boundaries are difficult to set. Intensely loyal they might be passive when personally offended, but can become tigers when someone hurts the one they love. Remembering birthdays, special occasions and the likes and dislikes of others are their specialties. And when playing games they are fun loving, have a good sense of humor and can be very competitive.

However, many times, the servant can move into a victim spirit and believe the lie that they are really not important and carry no authority. However, Jesus paid a high price for all of us, including servants! When the servant embraces the truth of who they are-a child of the most high- and who their father is-the King of Kings- they are unstoppable. Remember the little orphan girl, Hadassah? She was obedient to her Uncle Mordecai, won a beauty contest, then saved a nation! And Ananias? Even though there was a possibility that he might be walking into a trap, he still prayed for Saul, the persecutor, and released Paul, the worldwide evangelist!

Yes! You, Redemptive Gift Servant, are essential, full of life and are of great worth in the Body of Christ!

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